This is dedicated to the 7000, 70,000 700,000 or more Prophets that God has set aside for his purpose. 1 Kings 19:18 “Yet I have reserved 7000 in Israel all whose knees have not bowed down to Baal and whose mouths have not kissed him”

Through much prayer and encouragement of others and utter frustration with the American church I dedicate this webpage to those brothers and sisters who God has given the Gift of Prophecy and who have been kept quiet by their churches for not recognizing the gifts of the Holy Spirit. In posting this webpage I hope to encourage those Prophets and to be able to share experiences, messages and insight into the gift of Prophecy!

(1st) Experience, this month I want to praise God for saving my life and given me his Holy Spirit which has allow me to serve our Lord Jesus who is the Christ these 50 years! The Lord found me in a jail cell where I was crying out for his help after having been beaten severely with nightsticks and fists three separate times to the point my own mother would not have recognized me. The police dropped all charges on me if I would not charge them with police brutality. As a new Christian I went to a different church each week to find like-minded Christians who love the Lord with all their heart and wanted to make a difference in this world. What I found were churches doing the same thing that made me leave my church in 1967. Arguing, backstabbing, gossiping and pastors that simply needed to keep people in the church to pay the bills. The Lord led me to a Bible study in Berkeley California where I met like-minded long-haired bearded Christians serving the Lord and wanting to share their life changing experience of coming to the Lord. We ministered and shared on Telegraph avenue, the Berkeley campus, the topless bottomless strip clubs on North Beach in San Francisco and even had rallies and marches at the state capitol in Sacramento California. The gifts were rarely talked about since some of us had only been a Christian for six months to a year, we heard about tongues and we were unsure of it not knowing the scripture well. Many times we were asked by churches to come and share what we were doing in Berkeley, I do remember how strange it was for me thinking I was speaking to churches of 200 or 300 people on the life changing experience I had after receiving Christ when I was maybe 1 or 2 years old in the Lord. The church as a whole was caught sleeping when the Jesus movement started God was moving in parks, beaches and even on sidewalks. I will tell more about myself through letters that I have written that will be posted on this website for you to read and use as reference material if you so choose to. (Reference point) I will be using two different terms throughout my messages 1st the Church and  2nd Body of Christ, I believe the church’s in America as a whole is DOA dead on arrival! The Body of Christ is alive and is doing well throughout the world! Matthew 16:18 “And on this rock I will build my Church”  Since most of the new testament was written in Greek we have to look at Greek to see what that really says, The word church is actually translated oikodomEsO which translates to “I-shall-be-home-building”. I am differentiating from the Church to the Body of Christ, because we have churches all throughout the United States that are pagan churches, hedonistic churches gay and lesbian churches and Pastors who say, I hope I don’t make you mad and have you leave the church so I will water down the message of salvation. Guilt and sin to keep you coming so we continue to receive your tithes and offerings! The Body of Christ was set up very simply in fact Paul wrote an entire chapter in Acts as to how the body of Christ is to function 1 Corinthians 12. Paul even goes as far as to show us the leadership in the Body of Christ, Ephesians 4:11 1st Apostles, 2nd Prophet, 3rd Evangelist, 4th Pastors and 5th Teachers. Why is this not taught in the American churches?  Simple: we have made pastors a full-time job with benefits. In the US we have 2,500 to 10,000 pastors quit each year, look it up! If you have the Body of Christ functioning in the Fivefold Ministry you will have a healthy fellowship and the gifts will flow ministering to the Body of Christ! This does not mean that every Body of Christ has to have an Apostle in it, Paul established churches all over Western Asia Minor. Romans 11:13 “I am talking to you Gentiles. Inasmuch as I am the Apostle to the Gentiles” There are churches, pastors and teachers that have said there were only 12 Apostles when they died off the office of Apostles died with them. If that’s the case then please go to your Bible and start ripping out pages from Romans to Hebrews. If Paul was not an Apostle then he was a liar? If there were Apostles who did not actually see Jesus alive then the gift of an Apostles and Prophets are alive today and functioning quite well outside the American churches. Now at this point you may be thinking he is hard on the American church and you would be right! I do see through Prophets eyes what is happened to the American church but there are Bodies of Christ in America that exist and are doing very well in the gifts of the spirts and the Fivefold ministry. Again, this is an overview and I will be more specific with letters I have written. “Prophets remember this” this is simply a gift that God has given you. You are no more special then the deacon who picks up the chairs after a meeting and vacuums the carpet. We all function as a body, the Eye cannot say to the Tongue I have no need of you! Brothers and Sisters those who have the gift of Prophecy please read over and over again  1Corinthians 12,13 and 14. God has put a responsibility on us and that is to bring forth to the Body of Christ truth and to testify to them through the Holy Spirit the word that God would have us speak concerning the Body of Christ. Ezekiel refers to us as a Watchman, immerse yourself in Ezekiel 33:1,11 Please. Paul wrote a lot of the New Testament we need to look at Paul on 2 issues. One: he was chosen by God, inspired by the leading of the Holy Spirit and was an Apostle with great insight for first century Body of Christ! Or,2: Paul was a liar driven by pure ego and was totally in love of himself and what he had to say. If you believe the first part that Paul was an Apostle. Then you must look at 1 Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4 as a teaching tool for the benefit of the Body of Christ. Remember, Prophets Young and Old,  that there are specific and helpful words in the scripture to encourage you with what you’re doing, and never forget the Spirit  of Prophecy are subject to the control of other Prophets! A pastor in the church should have no say in what the Prophet says, unless he wants to accuse you of being a false Prophet! (A Note) If you have stumbled upon this webpage and you are a pastor or a second- or third-year students at a seminary, and you find this totally offensive to you, Please just simply click off this webpage! This webpage was not written for you! It was written for men and women who have the Gift of Prophecy, you with all your knowledge and wisdom in the Bible most likely don’t even think the Gift of Prophecy exists today!