A message to New Prophets and Young Prophets

This is written for you in bullet points for you to use!

Scripture for you to memorize!


Matthew 13:57

Jesus said to them, “Only in his hometown and in his own house is a Prophet without Honor”


1 Corinthians 14:32

The Spirit of Prophets are subject to the control of Prophets!


(New Testament Prophets)


1 Corinthians 14:22

Prophecy, however is for the Believers, not for Unbelievers.


  1. This most likely will be the Hardest Road you will ever have to walk in your Christian walk!
  2. You will lose Friends, Business Associates and possibly even Family Members!
  3. You will be told that you are Egotistical, Self Righteous, Unyielding, Unteachable and that you are not Hearing from God Correctly!
  4. Your Prophecy’s will consist mostly of Exulting our Lord, Sin in the body of Christ and Judgment in the Body of Christ!
  5. When the Holy Spirit moves on you to bring forth a Prophecy, Question your self! Is this Prophecy for me? For one or two members? Or the whole Body of Christ
  6. You’ll be told you’re Prophecies are too Hard, Unyielding with no Grace!
  7. Try this, start Praying at home one hour before you meet. When you get to your meeting Please Pray with others in the Prayer Room for one Hour!
  8. Don’t get your Feelings Hurt! Rarely does a Prophet ever have someone come up to him in a meeting and compliment him for his Prophecy on Sin!
  9. Get a Diary or a Notebook and write down all your Prophecy’s!
  10. Look for and find other Prophets in your community, and meet with them and Pray with them, Weekly if Possible!
  11. When the opportunity Arises talk with the Apostle, Evangelist or Teacher!
  12. Please remember this! When the Body of Christ is Up, Happy, Praising God the Prophet will be Down. When the Body of Christ is Down, Discouraged and Depressed, The Prophet will be Up! I have seen this for years and I don’t understand it but I know it to be true!